Saint-Gobain chooses 3nine

Saint-Gobain, one of 3nine’s customer writes about their process when deciding of a replacement of their central ventilation system. After an evaluation they went for 3nine’s solution.

The manufacturing industry is headed for a more high pressured machining. A company that have been aware of that is Saint Gobain Abrasives. Their central ventilation system could not keep up with the developments. It was impossible for the facility to achieve environmental standards without any improvements. In an article in Advanced Manufacturing Media they share their process, and tells us about the decisions that led to 3nine’s solution.

Saint-Gobain replace the central ventilation system

In the article Saint-Gobain says that they evaluated different solutions and choose to replace their old obsolete ventilation system. Instead 12 units of 3nine’s GREEN LINE oil mist eliminators were installed individually on the machines. The result was striking, after the installation, many reduced costs could be noted, including energy and maintenance costs. With 3nine’s solution it is possible to reuse the coolants, therefore the reduced coolant loss was remarkable. The total savings after the installation of 3nine’s solution is several tens of thousands dollars each year.
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