The smartest solution for handling problems with oil mist at the lowest operating cost.

3nine oil mist eliminators require minimal maintenance, give you the ability to reuse oils/coolants in the process and are the most environmentally friendly solution on the market. We know we can reduce your operational and maintenance costs.

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Advanced technology for eliminating oil mist

Our unique oil mist eliminators are based on advanced Disc Stack Technology. The technology differs from traditional technologies such as rotating filters, electrostatic filters and mechanical filtration solutions by physically separating out the oil particles from the air instead of collecting them in filters. This allows for the immediate re-use of expensive cutting fluids and reduces maintenance.

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The minimal need for maintenance means lower costs

3nine’s oil mist eliminators are known for needing only minimal maintenance and providing the highest degree of purification without using filters. In the end, it offers lower total costs than other alternatives. Want to know how?

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Months is the estimated average end filter life.
Trucks filled with recycled oil for the metalworking industry.
Particle-free air! The air coming out of our oil mist eliminators is that clean.

A greener metalworking industry

Our customers have invested in over 13,000 3nine oil mist eliminators over the years. Together, these units separate over 4 782 835 gallons (18 105 000 liters) of oil. That's equivalent to 402 tank trucks filled with recycled oil for the metalworking industry or in other words 54,416 tons of spared CO2 emissions!

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Mr. Czternastek, Production Manager at Redex, France

Redex, France

"I really appreciate the performance of 3nines Oil mist collector and that maintenance is so easy with them."