Improved their working environment by installing GREEN LINE oil mist eliminators in their workshop.

Hemabo wanted an oil mist solution to match their already pristine workshop. The GREEN LINE oil mist eliminator Anna from 3nine was the only solution that could meet their high demands both in terms of function and design.

Hemabo is a Dutch family-owned company that specializes in supplying high quality, custom made plastic solutions. Special made items for the medical sector, biochemical industry, and the food and beverage industry are all part of their portfolio. As of today, they have a machine park of 22 machine tools, around 30 employees and they deliver worldwide to a broad customer base.

The extensive machine park at Hemabo consists of CNC machines from i.a. Makino, Okuma, Nakamura Tome and Grob. The machining of thermoplastics is normally a dry process, but in some cases the processed material needs to be cooled using a liquid coolant. To Hemabo this is the case in more or less half of the machines in their machine park. The worst offenders were two machining centers from Okuma that produced a lot of mist that spread throughout the production area.

oil mist collector

Hemabo has four Grob milling machines, all of them with an Anna oil mist eliminator on top.

An investment in clean air

To ensure a safe and healthy working environment for their employees was the primary reason to invest in an oil mist solution. After learning about the 3nine oil mist eliminators through word of mouth and meeting Glavitech (3nine’s distributor in the Benelux area) at a tradeshow, they invested in 12 oil mist eliminators from 3nine’s GREEN LINE series.

The mist in the shop is gone. We can actually see across the room and you significantly feel a better air quality.

Edwin Meijnen, CEO at Hemabo

After 5 months in operation, both employees and Hemabo management are very happy with the investment. Everything at Hemabo is made with attention to detail and keeping the workshop in a pristine condition was of great importance. The oil mist separators from 3nine’s GREEN LINE series were the only solution that could meet the high standards in terms of functionality and design.

The oil mist eliminators from 3nine are based on a unique disc stack technology that separates 100% of all the liquid particles down to 1 µm, leaving only the smallest particles to the final stage HEPA filter. Besides requiring very little maintenance and filter changes, they give you the ability to reuse the oils/coolants used in the process.

3nine oil mist separator Anna installed on an Okuma CNC machine

The oil mist eliminator Anna installed on a vertical machining center from Okuma.


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