High-standard Machine Tools with quality down to the last detail.

With over 700 employees and with three production locations in Germany, the SAMAG Group is known worldwide for their high-performance machine tools.

SAMAG grew out of Auerbach & Scheibe, which was founded in 1873, and quickly became well-known worldwide. With over 140 years of experience, they pride themselves on being competitive and strive to discover something new every day, thus improving on what they already know. Today, the company is one of the pioneers when it comes to multi-spindle processing systems and offers both standard and custom machine tools to meet customer demand. Their focus on quality in the details makes them the first choice for many leading car manufacturers.

The oil mist eliminators from 3nine match SAMAG’s environmental policy

For SAMAG, it is important to meet their customers’ high demands and needs, which is why the German machine tool manufacturer always recommends 3nine oil mist eliminators to their customers. Another important view for the company is to always be at the forefront of and develop future-oriented environmentally conscious approaches with long-term positive effects. 3nine oil mist eliminators not only reduce maintenance for SAMAG’s customers but they also help to reduce the overall environmental impact significantly, which fits with the company’s environmental policy.

If you like to request a 3nine unit for your SAMAG machine tool, please send an inquiry on SAMAG’s website or contact your local 3nine partner. We will find an oil mist eliminator that fits your machine tool.

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