Heemskerk Fijnmechanica

Will choose 3nine’s oil mist eliminators for all their machine tools in the future, after getting fed up with traditional filtered solutions that require constant maintenance.

Heemskerk Fijnmechanica invested in six oil mist eliminators from 3nine and is very satisfied with the result – clean air, low maintenance and more.

The Dutch family-owned company, Heemskerk Fijnmechanica, has a machine park with approximately 50 CNC machines and the same number of employees. They specialize in CNC turning and milling and manufacture high-quality components based on a number of different customer specifications.

At Heemskerk Fijnmechanica a safe and healthy working environment for their employees is very important. Not satisfied with their air quality in the shop, they tried out a number of different oil mist filter solutions. Lucien Heemskerk realized that a lot of time and money is spent annually on maintaining the filter based systems. Heemskerk Fijnmechanica learned about 3nine’s through Glavitech (3nine’s distributor in the Benelux region) and invested in six oil mist eliminators from 3nine’s BLUE LINE series in 2016. After six months in operation, they are very pleased with the results.  Not only is the air quality vastly improved but they are now realizing that there are great operational efficiency benefits to be gained.

We have measured the air coming out from the oil mist eliminator and we were shocked in a positive way. We could see a value of 0.004 mg/m³, while we were on 14 mg/m³ with the old system. So, that was really just a chimney with a oil mist filter.

– Lucien Heemskerk.

In addition to remarkably better air quality, they have also noticed a lower and more constant temperature in the machine tools and a temperature in the cutting fluid tank that is approximately 50°F/10°C lower. A lower constant temperature means a more stable machine tool in terms of precision and cleaner cutting fluid lasts longer. The fact that the oil mist eliminators have worked flawlessly and without any need for maintenance despite being installed on difficult applications, e.g. a Nakamura Tome CNC lathe which runs 24/7, has convinced Lucien Heemskerk to install a 3nine oil mist eliminator on every new machine tool they purchase in the future.

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