Selecting the right oil mist separator

Understanding what CFM/m3/h you need for your machine tool is easy with 3nine. With this simple calculation, you’ll get a guideline to which 3nine oil mist separator that suits your machine tool.

Every competing filtered technology suggests a higher flow rate (CFM/m3/h) than 3nine’s oil mist separator because they have to. As an example, Mechanical solutions require 3-4 times more CFM/m3/h because of their filters and normally longer pipe runs, which eventually all create pressure drops. We don’t have those issues at 3nine because we are not pulling any of the processed air through a filter. So, understanding what CFM/m3/h you need for your machine tool is easy with 3nine. Simply measure the cubic footage/ cubic meters (WxDxH) of the cabin then refer to the unit specifications bellow to find the max cabin size that each oil mist separator can handle.

This is a very good place to start however it is not absolute because there are variables such as the size of the doors and how often they open, the pressure of the cutting fluid, speed of the spindle, the application being performed and more, all of which are vital in estimating the flow rate needed. We recommend making contact with 3nine so a Sales Representative can help you. In the meantime, you will have an educated look at the unit which will most likely fit your need.

GREEN LINE                                      BLUE LINE
Nova          70CF/2m³                       Lina           176CF/5m³
Anna          210CF/6m³                     Clara         353CF/10m³
Lova           320CF/9m³                     Emma       710CF/20m³
Nina           425CF/12m³                   Petra         353CF/10m³