New Partnership – MiJET®

3nine USA Inc. announces a partnership with MiJET® and becomes an authorized reseller to the North American market.

While the 3nine oil mist eliminators recover the oil mist inside the machine tool, the MiJET® units stand ready to capture and contain the mist from blow off nozzles when rinsing your parts. That way, when pairing a MiJET® with a 3nine oil mist eliminator you can ensure a clean and safe working environment.

The 3nine and MiJET® products complement each other very well. They treat the problem with oily residues in two different ways and together they contribute to keeping the shops clean. That’s why we initiated this partnership.

– Leonard Pate, President, 3nine USA Inc.

Ensure good indoor air quality

The MiJET® units will clean oily residue and chips from your manufactured parts without spreading the mist in your workshop. A patent pending valve allows the operator to pull the trigger on an air nozzle which simultaneously activates both an air jet and suction. The air jet allows localized cleaning of parts, while the suction pulls the fluid particles/mist and chip residue downward into a removable container below. With a MiJET® unit you will be able to ensure good indoor air quality, reduce your expenses on houskeeping and minimize the risk of slips and falls.

For further information please contact: 3nine Sales at [email protected] or call 512-667-6146