Innovative solutions for Clean Air

3nine, a Swedish company has developed a revolutionary technology based on disc stack separation. The results are an extremely high degree of air purification with minimal maintenance.

Disc stack technology liquid to gas separation is a process more than 100 years old. Over the past decade, 3nine has acquired more than 100 global patents within disc stack separation.

3nine USA Inc.

Since the US office opened in 2009, it has been a reliable source for the North American Metal Working Industry and their oil mist problems.  3nine oil mist eliminators practically eliminate the inherent problems traditional filtered solutions have perpetuated for over 50 years.

3nine USA Inc. is located in San Marcos, TX, employing Sales Representatives all over the continent, including Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

3nine AB – Ownership Structure

3nine is owned in part by Sagri Development. They are a part of the Grimaldi Industri Group, a family of companies owned and lead by Salvatore Grimaldi. Other minority owners are 3nine AB management and employees, Christoffer Kurpátow and Tommy Henningsson.

Grimaldi Industri AB

3nine - a part of Grimaldi Industri

Grimaldi Industri AB is the parent company of Grimaldi Industri Group.  Grimaldi Industri AB is the principal owner of 3nine AB and has provided a strong financial position since 2001. A company within the group is Cycleurope, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of bicycles, with well-known brands such as Bianchi, Cresent, Monark, DBS, Gitane, Peugeot, Kildemoes and Puch. Other wholly owned companies in the group include Plockmatic, Karlsson Spools, Monark Exercise, Grimaldis Mekaniska Verkstad and Plockmatic International. The Grimaldi Industri Group has 1700 employees and a turnover of 2,500 million SEK per year.